Artist's Statement

In my work I have created a metamorphosis of the material, starting with a simple chunk of clay or porcelain, I go on a journey among characters who originate in our existential essence, love, memory, compassion, separation, achievement, learning etc…

My creations are an experiment in material, a search for its limits and the integration of other materials such as fabric, metals etc…

The works come from an urge to create a world from my imagination which integrates humoristic, fantastic, and day-to-day elements whether proportional or not.

I try to challenge the observer to use the power of their imagination to create interest, curiosity, and introduce them to a different world.

Clay and porcelain are the main materials I use. All of the creations go through a firing process at high temperatures, some are glazed, and some include color, real gold and lace. ​


Edna Dali is part of the prevailing tendency in contemporary art of   breaking down barriers between different categories of art, between   art and reality and between art and crafts. Through her characters;  she makes statements, confront questions and touches upon  personal- excitement from within as well communal problems. Her special works  of art express an open-eyed approach, a love of truth, a sense of humor as well as a need for precision and accuracy.


Edna Dali introduces us to a magical, vibrant, aesthetic world. Her work reflects her artistic development beginning with modeling, sculpting and producing characters and dolls through to creating small sculptures depicting personal and collective messages.
 Since 1980, she has been producing prototypes of models and images for commercial enterprises
in England and the United States, (among them games and creatures for a high-tech company) and for exhibits worldwide. Her work demonstrates a search for beauty, accuracy and perfection in the smallest details. She has succeeds in portraying psychological feelings. Most of her characters are shy and introverted and do not gaze directly at the viewer. She captures the nostalgic memories of the beautiful aspects of the fleeting decades of the Renaissance, the Victorian and the Romantic eras and 18th century ladies. She accurately depicts the special atmosphere of the various eras by using their garments, accessories, and original jewelry.
After 25 years of sculpting dolls, Edna Dali has begun creating one-of-a-kind imaginary figures from “another world”, made entirely from high temperature clay. She creates ‘Figurative Art’ and the collections ‘Circus of Life’ and ‘Edgar’ in which she transforms the art of sculpture to showcase periods, situations and philosophical & human truths.
Her characters are sometimes exaggerated and even grotesque as they search for equilibrium and harmony. Her innate senses and capabilities combined with her human encounters while working as a social worker in the early seventies led her naturally to prefer human figures

While Edna cites the sculpting as the most challenging aspect of her artistry work, what brings her great pleasure is contact with her collectors, who provide the impetus for her continue to push the creation works.
Edna’s creations are internationally acclaimed and can be found in private collections, museums, and galleries. They have won prizes and have been widely published in the press and in Art books


Edna is a Member of the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel (CAAI)